Spotify Wrapped is my favorite everyday use of data. I recently posted my 2022 results on

My #SpotifyWrapped for 2022 is pretty fun:

  • 64 genres, 1,801 artists, 2,577 songs, and 23,416 minutes
  • I’m in the top 0.5% of listeners to Third Eye Blind
  • Most listened to song was “Gimme that Sunshine” by Animal Island, followed by “Big Energy” by Latto
  • Spotify classifies my taste as “Time Traveler” and “ETVU” (I don’t stick to a decade or genre)

Top Artists: 1 Third Eye Blind, 2 Vampire Weekend, 3 Taylor Swift, 4 The Wombats, 5 Lizzo. Top Songs: 1 Gimme that Sunshine, 2 Big Energy, 3 I Freaking Love You, 4 Good Vibes, 5 How Far We’ve Come. Minutes listened 23,416. Top Genre Pop.