Culture Deck of Possible Health

A recent Quartz article included Possible‘s culture deck, and it is inspiring. When you have the time, it is worth a read.

As I start envisioning a new venture, inspiring culture decks like this one make me wonder when it is worthwhile to write down your culture? Possible is using this as a recruiting tool, but to know what your organizational culture do you have to have made forward progress building an organization?

Does an organization of one benefit from an aspirational culture deck? Would it help recruit co-founders and others to the cause? Keep them on the path, or minimize the voice of others who join the organization later and the potential to evolve?

I believe an organization of one would benefit, but a culture deck has to be a living document that grows as people join the organization. A founder should go into the process with a culture they aspire to, or risk losing what set them on the path to begin with.